Science of eCommerce Level 1

Science of eCommerce Level 1

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This training package is about 5 hours long and will take half a day on Saturday Mornings starting at 08:30AM. Each class will be limited to 5 people at a time.

What does this course deliver?
The Science of eCommerce (Level 1) is suitable for any individual who has been engaged in running their business at the fringes of Social Media by accepting orders manually. Individuals already accepting orders for their business and looking to establish a firmer structure and process to their daily work are highly recommended to attend this workshop. By the end of this workshop, participants will be equipped to run their business through eCommerce platforms and level up their business.

What will you learn?
- Administer the name of their business online
- Link their domain to their Shopify store
- Set up their email system for notifications
- Select the template matching support level and budget
- Build products, collections and set them automatically
- Manage CRM
- Receive and fulfill orders systematically with reports

Who this training helps?
- Home based business operators
- Business Owners
- Channel Managers
- Anyone who wishes to modernise their business
- Anyone looking to run eCommerce properly

What knowledge should you already have?
- Ability to operate a computer
- Ability to operate a web browser and internet
- Basic knowledge in Microsoft Excel

This course will be building up on specifically 3 things in a linear fashion that will result in your ability top run your business online.




It's not easy having noone who understands yoru problems let alone someone who can offer answers to problems that occur to entrepreneurs in eCommerce.


With this training in place, you will have all you need to function online. Start off with a proper foundation in understanding how to use your online store and more importantly - focus on yoru customers.


With your time now focused on your customers and marketing you can get down to what actually affects your bottomline - your sales.