isn't easy

but it can be less painful

Take it one step at a time.


There are many services now available to help you build your Shopify store. Unfortunately, that's not enough. Navigating the nuances of eCommerce can be draining and this is where I provide guidance and consultancy on how to optimise your operations and take the headaches out of the equation.

Why? Because I've been in this space for the last 10 years and if there's a way to recognise what you're doing right and where you can improve - its very likely I can spot those opportunities.

Don't suffer alone trying to figure it out. 

Join these brands below in embracing the next phase of commerce.

I have personally helped the following brands retool their teams and infrastructure to be able to take advantage of ecommerce. I am always on call for these brands to keep growing their expertise or to assist them when they are facing any issues.

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A must go to Tech-guy. He is efficient and definitely very patient in explaining and guiding us building our website & shopify account. Always up to date with the ever changing internet world. Thank you Zayed Talib for bringing our businesses closer to our fingertips.

Norfasarie, Moza Aesthetics

Zayed is able to cut through the clutter and simplify the process of online selling / e-commerce for us. What would have taken hours or days for us to rectify can be solved by speaking to him in 5-10 minutes. Like a surgeon, he is able to skilfully get to the heart of the matter fast with accurate diagnosis and help us sell better, faster and easier.

Ridjal, Saffrons

He built the entire infrastructure my business is running on both online and offline. Without what he built up for us, we wouldn't have been ready for COVID-19 and its effects.

Benny, Anothersole