Zayed began his journey at a very young age being exposed to computers when dial up modems and floppy disks were cutting edge. The fascination of what one could accomplish with a personal computer drove him to look for opportunities in the digital space.

Beginning his career as a digital project manager at the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, he quickly gelled with his team for clients such as Google, Cisco, EDB and Unilever amongst others. Working together with his local, regional and global counterparts taught him the value of open communication and clear directions as in all things digital requires. This is where he learnt important lessons in the digital space including the ability to be flexible in the options to arrive at a solution. 

In his next vocation, Zayed worked for the InterContinental Hotels Group as a Guest Campaign Manager overseeing 65 million member communications across the Asia, Middle East and Australia sector. He managed the translations, validation and deployment of campaigns in Arabic, Korean and Japanese on top of his execution of all English materials. In this capacity, Zayed’s exposure to mass deployment with personalised data contributed to an overall 5% growth in member activation. 

Having worked across Asia and North America - Zayed created his own consultancy in developing, maintaining and advising in the quick growth sector of eCommerce from 2012 onwards and has developed over 20 clients’ websites and operations and pivoting their retail models onto the digital realm. He is a Shopify ecosystem expert implementing, innovating and recommending adoption practices for his clients to be able to make a difference to their organisations’ bottom line.

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