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Shopify Online

Whether your client is just starting, or needs a revamp on their operational efficiency - we will consult on the business requirements and recommend the best way to form up your store accordingly.

Shopify POS Setup

Having deployed Shopify POS for clients in Singapore and overseas, we will help your clients secure the right hardware and train up their team in the use of Shopify POS to take the guesswork out of the equation of deployment.

Analysis & Feedback

We cross reference reports from Shopify and your clients marketing activities to arrive at recommendations and solutions to affect change on the front and back end of your clients operations to arrive at the best possible outcomes in the long run.


Zayed is able to cut through the clutter and simplify the process of online selling / e-commerce for us. What would have taken hours or days for us to rectify can be solved by speaking to him in 5-10 minutes. Like a surgeon, he is able to skilfully get to the heart of the matter fast with accurate diagnosis and help us sell better, faster and easier.

Ridjal, Saffrons

He built the entire infrastructure my business is running on both online and offline. Without what he built up for us, we wouldn't have been ready for COVID-19 and its effects. 

Benny, Anothersole