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“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
- Andrew Marshall

There are many problems that we are facing in the new world of the COVid 19 pandemic.

You and I can take for granted our ability to live our days looking to the future.

There are people out there today who are dying by the score. I figured I can do something about it beyond donations and social sharing.

Singapore has a strong relationship with the state of Israel and that relationship must be called into question if it means that we too must have blood on our hands if we say nothing about it.

Sharing the plight of the Palestinians needs to be done. More people on our island need to be made aware about what is going on there.

But ACTION needs to be done as well. So long as you do not impress upon your elected representatives what we desire of them to represent internationally - then nothing will come to bear.

For that reason you should write in to the following emails:


If you would like to use social media then send him a message at:

  1. Twitter: @VivianBala
  2. IG: @vivianblakrishnan
  3. FB: Vivian.Balakrishnan.Sg

Not sure what to say?

Click this link to copy and paste your concerns to raise with the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Need to educate yourself?

Short History


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I find it best to hear from Journalists on the ground and one such that has been outstanding is Mark Stone of SkyNews through his twitter feed here.

I have included an Israeli resource on the damage done to Palestinians lives below through BTSELEM. I have chosen this resource as it is Israeli and would therefore be beyond reproach.

Demolition for alleged military purposes
Demolition on pretext of illegal construction
Demolition as punishments